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The 12 Week LAS Program
You’ve heard of Reiki or even had it and you know energetically we all need a tune up.  The challenge is life isn’t going fully as planned.
You ready to receive as much from your relationships as you put in and you are wanting to be fully alive.  It just seems more and more difficult these days.
It doesn’t have to be that way.
I know because I’ve been there.  And what helps is not a one off single session, but a journey with Love, Accountability, and Support.
I’ve created the LAS program to not only have you feeling better quickly, but also give you the tools to help you handle the unexpecteds and reclaim your health and energy.
The LAS Program includes:
2 Reiki sessions per month for 3 months
unlimited Text message support
The cost of the program right now is $157 per month.
Are you ready to really take your health and well being seriously and get the Love, Accountability and Support you need?