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Smudging. Have you heard of it? (No, not like your makeup smudges, or having a smudge on your face). Maybe you have heard the term, but there is a chance you don’t know much more beyond that (or you could be an expert, and smudge […]

Melt Away the Day

Melt Away the Day

If you’re anything like me you work a bazillion hours a week, come home, and have a bazillion more things to do (and relaxing isn’t one of them). Grown up bath time < kid bath time, Adult nap time < making dinner. So what can you […]


Crystals/Minerals/Rocks/Pretties currently available in store: Amethyst Ametrine Apache Tears (Obsidian, Black) Aquamarine Aventurine – Green Black Tourmaline Black Onyx Carnelian Citrine Garnet – Red Hematite Jade Jade – Nephrite Jasper – Red Kyanite – Green Lapis Lazuli Nuummite Obsidian – Black Obsidian – Black (Apache […]


Energetic medicine combines holistic techniques Reiki, acupuncture stem from other cultures, need context to understand PAIGE CAMPBELL | EVERGREEN PHOTO ILLUSTRATION “Some practitioners will feel energy, some people will see it, some people will hear it,” said Kraig Brown, owner of SAM’s Apothecary. Brown said […]

The SAM’s Team

Sam Brown, Owner From an early age, Sam displayed a passion for helping others.  After several years with EMS, transitioned to 911 dispatch. While he loved the excitement of the job, it wasn’t his true passion. After a stint in the hospitality industry,  discovered aromatherapy, […]


Click here to book your appointment Hello all! Welcome to the long awaited REIKI BLOG!!! Sorry it took me SO long to get it out to all of you. Truth be told, prior to working for Kraig and for SAM’s, I really didn’t know what […]

Let’s talk about Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

So I thought my next post was going to be about uses for Tea Tree and Lavender oil, but then something else caught my attention. This week I attended a meeting that really got me thinking about the chemicals that I put into my body […]


Learn more about Reiki here The 12 Week LAS Program Love Accountability Support You’ve heard of Reiki or even had it and you know energetically we all need a tune up.  The challenge is life isn’t going fully as planned. You ready to receive as […]

Classes & Events

  Our Facebook page is frequently updated and the best place to see upcoming events/classes. If you are not on Facebook, please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with our class schedule. Sign up for Classes: HERE Find the link to our […]