Hero Reiki

Copy, En Route…

Today isn’t your first day, and you are already getting that flash of adrenaline as you race off to the unknown. You are going through every scenario you can think of, reliving the calls that you have been to, and with any luck getting just enough of a leg-up on the shit-show that you are running towards, so that you make it home from that call.

It will be a soul that is a member of YOUR community. It could be a loved one, which if you have been there, and you survived, (yes you!) then this is all up in your feels. Because even though you may not outwardly know how to get ‘better’, that voice, that knowing (that is in all of us), will be ‘splaining to your feels until your ego catches on…

You have this idea, because you were conditioned in your training into public safety, and every day ‘on the job’, that you can’t feel the emotions of your call. That you have to ‘stuff it’, ‘suck it up’, or ‘what!? are you a pussy?’. Or.. that one.. That one that YOU just now heard, that you heard, over and over again from the soul that heard the same thing form his FTO.

All of these methods are shit.

There is a difference between being composed while showing immense compassion for all of those you encounter each day, and being a cold robot. You still have to take care of yourself at the end of the day. Whether it is a journal, meditation, a trauma counselor (nope, really not kidding), yoga, Tai Chi, massage, Reiki, hiking, praying… none of them, or all of them, and you can keep trying new ones until you figure the right combination to get you started in ‘washing the day off’ so that you can be you. This must be for yourself first, and then your family, from there, wherever YOU CHOOSE to put your energy. You probably weren’t told that you take a piece of all of the calls you are a part of, and that each of those calls takes a piece of your heart.

You have heard that you can’t pour from an empty cup. For those that wear the badge, is that you are constantly giving, a piece of your heart, on every single call that you have ever been on. From here, you don’t have much more to give, because you were never trained in how to keep your cup full. This isn’t something that our society knows how to do, & it certainly isn’t your fault (thus far).

You continue to do this, day after day, until…you…just…can’t…

So now we are here, to why you have made it this far through this reading. You know that if things continue the way they are going, you are never going to be happy again, nor will you love YOURSELF anymore, or even at all, by now you have considered taking your own life, at least once. Harsh? No, you are feeling every, single, word as you read them, right in that same ‘feels’ that we talked about earlier.

We have been there, we know what it looks like to burn those sick days because you just can’t go in. Dispatch has ached, as they listen to you be an ASS because you don’t have a healthy way to process all of the shit that you have seen, heard, felt, and/or smelled, (let’s call it ‘experienced’).

We invite you to come receive Reiki. This, a type of energy moving or healing will help to encourage your own healthy processing, and encourage your own releasing of that ‘shit’ that you have ‘experienced’, that keeps bouncing around, and around…

Your first appointment will be $72, after that, the pay will be on a sliding scale defined as what the “patient’s value”, this indicating that it is up to you, to decide how much you are able to pay for your session.

You can get healthy, you can figure out who you are supposed to be, and it truly is never going to be too late to be that! We are here to support you on your journey. If that means to be better in the career you are in, or if it is to support you as you transition to a new chapter in your life, we are here fur just that, it is truly why we do what we do, that is why we are here..for YOU!