**as of 5/8/2018** we are aware of the credit card/payment malfunction (it isn’t working) and are working to get it fixed! Because we offer the CBD products, we have to find a processor that will work with us (PayPal won’t, Stripe won’t, and the list goes on). They are out there, we just haven’t found the right one! Please contact us (Phone or Email) and we will get your order processed by phone, and you will receive a 25% discount for your patience, and loyalty.**


SAM’s loves the great community that we are a part of!

Check out a selection of our fantastic products at some of our local gems!

Gentle Earth Acupuncture
Pullman, WA

Palouse Juice
Moscow, ID

Pups ‘n Cups (Tea selection served here!)
Pullman, WA

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