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Being pregnant and nauseous as a mom sucks! You have this new being growing INSIDE of your BEAUTIFUL body, but wanting to throw up on the daily is causing you frustration, and even disconnection when you try to connect to your beansprout.

You’ve tried ginger, Acubands, and avoiding certain foods, but that dang nausea is just…not…going…away…(sigh)!

Don’t worry, you aren’t broken, and you aren’t alone! Lot’s of women have this struggle.

What is going to help you the most, is an essential oil blend that is specially designed for you!

I know, because I’ve seen it more than a few times and I’ve been able to help. I’m Sam, the Owner of SAM’s Apothecary and we have a special service for YOU, the pregnant mom.

We’ll spend 20 minutes together and in that time, I’ll understand the tailor-made formula you need, plus ship it out to you!

Within a few days, it will arrive on your doorstep ready to ‘roll’, and help alleviate that nagging nausea.

The total cost of this service is $65.

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How does it work?


   Schedule! > 20 Minute Call & Conversation! >  Blend!     >     Ship!  

We schedule a 20 minute call, preferably a Zoom call, we will visit about what you want it for, and any concerns you have about it!

Once the call is complete, it will be blended, and shipped out to the same day!

Your cost? $65

Schedule        >    20 minute Call & Conversation  >     Blend         >        Ship!



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*You have heard that Essential Oils are not safe in Pregnancy, there is SOME truth to this. We will discuss this in the call, and visit about the oils that are in this category. Your roller will be at a 2-3% dilution, so it will be completely safe! (Please don’t hesitate to talk to your provider if you have further questions)